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Interview with Susan Pepler

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Have you seen the weather outside? The snow, ice, slush

Flowers? Yup! Among the lovely paintings by Susan Pepler (adorning our MFA shop until January 3rd) are stunning floral bouquets in multitudes of vibrant colours. A perfect antidote to the frost settling over the city of Montreal.

Between sending off invitations and setting up a first-class show, Susan Pepler found a few moments to speak with me about her art.

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Interview with Susan Pepler

Talie + glasses = <3

Arts and Culture Eyeglasses!

Our walls are always covered in beautiful artwork, but it's not everyday that we receive one as a gift, made special for us!

Yesterday, Élizabeth had the pleasure of serving 10 year old Talie Brière, one of our youngest (and most charming!) customers. The young lady had stopped by for an eye exam. It was a Tuesday much like any other... and then...


Talie Briere
Georges Laoun, 2013
Drawing and collage on decorative papier


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