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Opto, opti, ophtha

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André Brosseau
Artwork: André Brosseau

Optometrist, optician, ophthalmologist: what’s the difference?


The simple answer is that an ophthalmologist is a medical specialist of the eye, an optometrist conducts eye exams and an optician is the professional who sells glasses and contact lenses, who takes the necessary measurements and who assembles the glasses.


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Nothing Seems Clear Anymore.

Health and Technology

photo via 20-20 vision perfection

You’re on the other side of forty and you’ve noticed that newspapers have been using paler ink—they’ve gotta cut somewhere, what with the internet and all. And that’s it; you’re no longer going to let your children use your phone. They both deny playing with the brightness settings, but you know better.

Well, maybe it’s not the ink, and maybe it’s not your children fooling with your settings. Maybe you’re developing a mild case of presbyopia. Maybe you need to correct your near vision.

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You have such healthy eyes!

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The eyes may be the window to the soul, but could they also offer a view of our liver?! So say practitioners of an alternative medicine called iridology.

Iridology (study of the iris) is practiced to evaluate the overall health of a person by observing certain aspects of the iris such as the colour and texture of the tissue, its pigmentation, surface quality and all the features that give each iris its unique characteristics.

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Groovy Glasses?

Health and Technology Eyeglasses!

Google Glass
photo via: Google

What do Google and the family of i-products have in common? Project Glass—or “augmented-reality glasses”, if you prefer.
“Augmented reality” is what you will see with these glasses on; at breakfast, for example, the glasses will display your schedule and appointments for the day. Once you step outside, they serve as your own, private meteorologist, displaying ambient temperature, humidex and atmospheric pressure readings.

Someone is calling you? Their picture and a message appear in your periphery and you can choose to start talking.
Users at the mercy of public transportation will find that should the metro break down, Google Map will project an alternate route.

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