Our Saint-Denis location has a laboratory equipped with all the tools required to cut and mount lenses. Our technicians also have everything they need to thoroughly clean, repair and finish lenses and frames alike.


An optometrist is an eye care professional offering services such as eye exams, and the treatment of various visual disabilities and conditions. In collaboration with other healthcare specialists, optometrists provide complete, adapted care, and provide advice on what you can do for your eyes.


Do you need new lenses, but can’t leave your frames with us? No problem! We will let you know when your new lenses have arrived. You can come in and have them cut and mounted in just one hour (subject to our technicians’ hours - call us for more information!).

Have your lenses broken or your glasses been lost? We can fit you with new ones in just two hours (depending on the availability of lenses in-store).

2 hour service is available at our Saint-Denis location.






Lost screw? Broken nose pad? Bent frames? We know just what to do!

Bring in your ailing frames and our technicians will suggest the best remedy.




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