Clear vision and quality of life go hand in hand. An annual eye exam with an optometrist is the best way to evaluate the quality of your eyesight, and to ensure the health of your eyes. Book an appointment with an optometrist at either of our locations: on the Plateau Mont-Royal and in the Quartier du Musée.


Just like an annual medical check-up, evaluating your vision once a year is an important contribution to your overall health.


Vision accounts for much of what you experience every day. Assessing and monitoring the changes in your vision is important for early detection of ocular anomalies.

An annual eye exam allows you to:


SCREEN, STABILISE AND TREAT existing and evolving conditions (AMD, cataracts, glaucoma).

MAINTAIN HEALTHY HABITS that promote good eyesight for young and old alike.

SCREEN AND TREAT binocular vision anomalies (such as strabismus and amblyopia).

OBTAIN A REFERRAL to a specialist such as an ophthalmologist, if necessary.

CREATE A MEDICAL HISTORY that will allow your optometrist to monitor the evolution of your eyesight.


Our optometrists are available for appointments at both of our locations.



In addition to standard optometry equipment, both our locations are equipped with a retinal camera, which is a powerful camera for the eye, allowing our optometrists to see your retina in great detail.


The incredible finesse captured by such cameras allows for the screening of various ocular conditions that may require treatment.


Annual eye exams are covered 100% by the RAMQ for those under 18 and over 65 years of age.


Some insurance policies cover a percentage of the cost of an eye exam and of prescription glasses. Ask your insurer about coverage.


Contact us to learn more about what to expect at your next eye exam.

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