We’re proud to have several opticians on our team. This means less wait time for professional services such as the sale of contact lenses and frame adjustments, as well as the most accurate answers to your questions.


A dispensing optician will provide all the information you need about corrective and contact lenses. They will use the optometrist issued prescription to fit you with the contact lenses best adapted to your eyesight and lifestyle.


Our opticians will also help you pick out frames and lenses, adjusting them to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

“Optics […] were done by practice, rather than by study. You didn’t have to be a licensed optician to work, but I wanted to advance. So I learned a lot and, surely, the shop benefited.”

- Georges Laoun, describing why he obtained his optician diploma in 1954.





Our exceptional selection of frames of all types, is a testament to our commitment to independent designers and family businesses. Look no further to find the perfect model to frame your lenses for simple vision, progressive vision, sun, computer work, sports, and reading.


Our opticians will ensure that you select a frame adapted to your prescription and style!


Did you know that there are various types of lenses, each crafted for different uses? Our opticians are eager to share their knowledge, and accompany you in selecting the ones best suited to your needs.


The most current technology in simple vision, progressive vision, sun, computer work, sports, and reading lenses are available in both our stores.


Contact lenses, in conjunction with a pair of eyeglasses, may offer numerous advantages. Curious? Ask our opticians for advice! They will help you select, adjust and maintain all your eye care products.


Your glasses are ready! The last step—one of the most important—is to have them adjusted just right.

Our opticians will ensure that they are aligned with your eyes and that you wear them comfortably. Stop by for an adjustment any time!




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